Reasons for going from a skeptic to a tour enthusiast

I often hear that going on a tour just ‘isn’t our thing’. This generally comes from a preconceived notion of a herd of people filing off a bus, uncomfortably crowding tourist destinations. We think that sounds pretty awful too!

The Perfect Group Size

We keep our tours small and intimate. You can expect no more than 16 people on a tour plus a driver and a guide. This size is large is enough for some playmates for the kids and socialization for all, but keeps the tour personalized and intimate.

Adventure Tours Attract Like-Minded People

Family adventure tours attract people who like to be brave, try new things and lovers of exploration. Camaraderie on a trip can add to the experience, give opportunities for fun and inject extra energy into the day. Although bus rides and most meals are group events, there are plenty of options to opt in or find a little space.

Local Designed / Local Knowledge

With so many opportunities for internet research, it can be easy to find recommendations online. But there is just no substitute for insider knowledge. When designing a trip, we find the best off-the beaten path locations, balanced with the best adventures. We’ve tried it all so you don’t have to, picking one of a kind spots and striking a balance of comfort, unique adventures, and authentic experiences.

Get Spoiled

Once you step on our tour bus, you don’t have to worry about a thing. No getting lost, no stressing out about where/what/when. No time wasted making a plan or figuring things out. Your job is simply to make the most of your precious time away.

You’ll be surprised at how an itinerary that looks like a full day is so pleasant with plenty of down time when you don’t have to check into the hotel, worry about food or snacks, make any decisions besides which hot spring is the most comfortable. Your vacation should be just that, unfiltered time to unwind, unplug and connect with family, nature, and yourself!

Our Guides are Awesome

Our guides and drivers are all hand-selected to come with a wealth of local knowledge, and a talent and passion to give you an unforgettable experience. Our close relationships with our partners help ensure we keep the quality high and ensure you are getting the very best service.

They are dedicated not only to helping you have the best experience possible, and are constantly going above and beyond. Plus, they’re so good at making extra FUN!

Sneaking up on an Agouti during a nature walk

We know you’ll love it!

Our mission is to give your family a carefree, unforgettable experience, and to help you make the most of your time off in a new, exiting and unfamiliar place. We love adventuring and hope you will be inspired to try something new!